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 Welcome to the Police Recruiter Blog

 This Blog was created to help police candidates understand the test process and help them improve their test scores. Each link found on the right side of this page will lead you to a webpage that contains a very important police exam tip. Just one of the tips could make the difference between passing or failing your police test.

Now that you are preparing to apply for a police officer position, it is important to know what to expect on the written exam. In truth, nearly a third of the people who take the police exam will pass. Many of the applicants assume that the exam is easy, and choose to spend their preparation time on other pursuits. Those who do so, don’t fair as well as they might have hoped. Brushing up on your interview and essay writing skills is necessary, and knowing how to recover from the answers you don’t know is a must. 


We intend to make this Blog interactive. Here you can find out if you THINK LIKE a COP. Several times a week we will post Police Situational/Judgment Questions. In the comment section you can give your answer/comment/opinion. Dan and I will also give our answers and opinions. Let me just say this: there will be no perfect answers. Some of the questions will have more than one correct answer. The idea is to improve your decision making process. A very important skill in police work. When a police officer makes a decision, in many cases he or she will have to justify it. Either to a supervisor, a DA or in court.   


Q. Your patrol supervisor has demanded changes be made in your unit.  These changes do not improve performance and everyone is unhappy.  

Of the following, the BEST course of action for you to take is to?
(A) Get together with some other unhappy patrol officers and complain to the patrol supervisor. 
(B) Write up a different plan and present it to the patrol supervisor. 
(C) Give the changes time to work and keep a good attitude. 
(D) Let it go.  


Q. You are a patrol officer on foot patrol when you notice a local food store that has a fire code violation.  

Of the following, the BEST course of action for yo u to take in this situation is to?
(A) Inform the store owner of the fire violation and tell him that he needs to have it fixed. 
(B) Report the violation to your patrol supervisor. 
(C) Report the violation to the local fire safety inspector that covers that area.  
(D) Place the store owner under arrest for the violation.   
Question : 

You are a court officer on patrol in the area of the court house when you get called to the scene of a fight in front of the court house. When you arrive on scene you notice a man down on the side of the road bleeding while another male is standing over him. You immediately call for an ambulance for the man who is lying on the side of the road. The ambulance arrives and takes the male to the hospital. You interview other man. He tells you that the other male pulled a knife out and tried to rob him. He then beat the man to the ground, and took the knife out of his hands. The man then tells you that after taking the knife away from the man, he continued to hit him to make sure that he would not get up to attack him, what is the best course of action for you to take?  

a.      Take the statement down and thank the man.    

b.      Detain the man pending further investigation.   

c.      Yell at the man for hurting the other man. 

d.      None of the above.



You are a police officer who is patrolling in a downtown area late at night when you see car go through a red light. You flash your lights and attempt to pull it over. The car takes off at a high rate of speed and refuses to stop. What is the best course of action for you to take?

A. Ignore the situation and continue to patrol.

B. Radio for back up give a description of the car and where it is going, turn your lights and siren on and go after the car.

C. Radio the cars description and where it is heading for units in the area. Do not give chase to the car, try to follow the direction the car fled. 

D. None of the above.  

Feel free to give your answer in comment area.

We will give our answer within a few days.


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